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Collinsville, Illinois

Little Princess Tomato and Sir Catsup Contest History

2017 royalty
2017 Little Princess Tomato: Isabella Sister
2017 Little Sir Catsup: Charlie Hancock
1st Runner Up Princess: Ava Sapp

2016 royalty
2016 Little Princess Tomato: Remi Sapp
2016 Little Sir Catsup: Lucas Frey
1st Runner Up Princess: Claire Richter

2015 royalty
2015 Little Princess Tomato: Ellasyn Gilman
2015 Little Sir Catsup: Gabe Frazier
1st Runner Up Princess: Elyana Cerna
1st Runner Up Sir: Freddie dean Garris III

2014 catsup royalty 2014 sir catsup
2014 Little Princess Tomato: Sophia Lewis
2014 Little Sir Catsup: Curtis Cline
1st Runner Up Princess: Amelia Hill
1st Runner Up Sir: Bobby Hildebrand

princess tomato 2013 ketchup royalty
2013 Little Princess Tomato: Kassidy Gray
2013 Little Sir Catsup: Freddie Dean Garris III
1st Runner Up Princess: Lily Stacy
1st Runner Up Sir: William Masters
Princess participants: Hazel Stacy, Kailey Hollingsworth, Amelia Hill

2012 Princess Tomato2012 Sir Catsup
2012 Little Princess Tomato: Keira Cromwell
2012 Little Sir Catsup: Brynner Reising
1st Runner Up Princess: Sophia Stirling
1st Runner Up Sir: Bryce Laycock
Princess participants: Ava Clark, Haley Kassly, Madelynn Cranmer, Lily Stacy, Hailey Breidenbach, Kaaley Webber 

2011 Little Princess Tomato: Gabrialla Hill
2011 Little Sir Catsup: Leeland Reising
1st Runner Up Princess: Sophia Stirling
1st Runner Up Sir: Elliott Schusky
Princess participants: Kassidy Eads, McKenna Spilker, Cora Ritter, Nealy Anderson, Kyra Williams
Sir participants: Owen Twyman, Cole Omans

2010 Little Princess Tomato: Keira Cromwell
2010 Little Sir Catsup: Preston Tillman
1st Runner Up Princess: Jocelyn Bellovich
1st Runner Up Sir: Brion Brown III
Princess participants: Adriana Lance, Sasha Adkins
Sir participants: Lorenzo Strong, Leeland Reising

2009 Little Princess Tomato: Trinity Pfalzgraf
2009 Little Sir Catsup: Gavan Reising
1st Runner Up Princess: Keira Cromwell
1st Runner Up Sir: Anakin Trexler
Princess participants: Abby Litteken, Ezra Wilder, Avery Brooks, Kyra Williams, Tayla Fontana
Sir participants: Lorenzo Strong, Leeland Reising

2008 Little Princess Tomato: Cecylia Malottki
2008 Little Sir Catsup: Nathan Brown

2007 Little Sir Catsup: Brake Abernathy

2006 Little Princess Tomato: Marissa Story
Official photo by John Locus Photography
2006 Little Princess Tomato: Payten Humphrey
2006 Little Sir Catsup: Dylan Phegley

2005 Little Princess Tomato: Cora Hipple
2005 Little Sir Catsup: Jackson Ewing

2004 Little Princess Tomato: Deborah Karlak
2004 Little Sir Catsup: Conner Highlander
1st Runner Up Princess: Sidney Ewing
1st Runner Up Sir: William Zehnder III
Princess participants: Hannah Stricklin, Justine Zehnder, Kaitlyn Ambrose, Kaylie Resinger, Marlaina Snow, Marissa Story, Kourtney Singleton, Maurah Bridges, Kaitlyn St. Aubin, Cora Hipple
Sir participants: Drew Prewett, Patrick Grzywacz, Dalton Miller

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